Jean-Marie Massaud draws on the incredible heritage of Poltrona Frau and designs the Byron. The new chaise longue is the result of expert handcraftsmanship that continues to find new expressions. Jean-Marie Massaud conceives of it as a radical piece of architecture where every material carries out its role with rigour and elegance. The leather welcomes, the metal and wood support. The supporting structure, light and stable, is inspired by the precision of the goldsmith’s art. The sophisticated woodwork combines solid ash and stainless steel, echoing the impeccable workings of a watch. The materials blend into one another seamlessly, the joints are perfect. The structure accommodates the soft leather seat whose design is perfect for long periods of relaxation. The padding comprises a sequence of cushions stitched one by one using techniques reminiscent of the most elegant leather accessories. The padding, with its high-performance ergonomics, is obtained with steel diamonds and polyurethane foam. Every element of the Byron contributes to creating a wonderfully private refuge where you can dedicate some time to yourself, to relaxing and reading. The chaise longue will wrap you in its comfortable embrace straight away. The large retractable armrests can be pulled back silently just by moving them with your hands.The soft headrest cushion, integrated with a brushed aluminium bracket and fixed between the padding, can be removed and adjusted to two different heights as required. The colours and details communicate a sense of calm and relaxation. The ash wood has an ebony stain. The steel is brushed. The upholstery of the headrest cushion and seat is in Pelle Frau® leather. The Poltrona Frau logo is engraved on a brass plate with matt nickel finish located on the rear crosspiece of the chaise longue. The adjustable feet are in black plastic.

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